Portfolio Category: WP2

IRP21: Energy flexible and smart grid/energy ready buildings

[row_fluid] [two_third] The foreseen large deployment of renewable energy sources may seriously affect the stability of energy grids. It will be necessary to control energy consumption to match instantaneous energy production. The built-in Energy Flexibility in buildings may be utilized for stabilizing the energy grids and allow for a larger roll out of renewable energy…
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IRP22: Control and management of storage elements in micro-grids

[row_fluid] [two_third] Energy storage elements, such as batteries and super caps, are becoming more and more popular. These elements play a key role both at low-level and energy management level micro-grid management algorithms. At the low-level they can be used to improve the energy distribution quality and reduce the effect of short-term phenomena like voltage…
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IRP23: Robust management and control of smart multi-carrier energy systems

[row_fluid] [two_third] In this project we will develop novel robust control methods for large-scale systems. As application, we will focus on balancing demand, supply, and in particular storage and conversion in smart mixed electricity/gas networks. The central idea in such smart multi-carrier energy systems is to install small to medium-size local energy storage systems (based…
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