INCITE (Innovative controls for renewable source integration into smart energy systems) is Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Training Network (ITN-ETN) funded by the HORIZON 2020 Programme that brings together experts on control and power systems, from academia and industry with the aim of training fourteen young researchers capable of providing innovative control solutions for the future electrical networks.

New smart meters, distributed generation, renewable energy sources and the concern about the environment are redefining electrical networks. Now, both consumers and generators are active agents, capable of coordinating the power exchange in the electrical grids depending on multiple factors. To take full advantage of the new electrical networks, it is necessary a coordinated and harmonic interaction of the all actors in the network. Control algorithms are intended for this purpose; to act at several levels to conduct the electrical power exchange and improve efficiency, reliability and resilience of the network. INCITE seeks new control algorithms with an integral view of the future electrical networks, covering aspects like energy management, stability of electrical variables, monitoring and communication implementation, energy storage, among others.

Lastest Posts

  • Graphs, Networks and Power Systems
    A simple introduction to graphs and graph theory In 1736, the great mathematician Leonard Euler wanted to cross all seven bridges of Königsberg exactly once. The methods he used to proof that this is indeed not possible, he invented a...
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  • The wind is blowing towards a digital future
    The global commitment to cope with climate change by accelerating and intensifying the actions and investments needed to meet binding targets for a sustainable low carbon future agreed under the Paris Agreement in 2015, has fostered the increase in the...
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  • An evolution towards smart grids: the role of storage systems
    The impact of increased renewable generation on the existing grid infrastructure can be best summed up by the title of an article in the LA times “Power struggle: Green energy versus a grid that’s not ready.”  The operation principles of...
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  • Introducing Microgrids & Local Energy Communities
    Decarbonization of power system and the electrification of everything The electricity production has traditionally been governed namely by a combination of large centralized power plants, in addition to smaller distributed Combined Heat and Power plants (CHP), both of which were...
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  • The odyssey of monitoring distribution networks
    The operation of a power network requires accurate monitoring of its state: bus voltages, line currents, consumption, and generation. This is especially relevant in transmission networks where volatile and distributed generation and consumption cause bidirectional power flow and voltage drops....
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  • Resonances, Interactions, and Stability of Future Power Systems
    Since time immemorial, electrical power quality issues have been a relevant topic considering every consumer expects to receive the best quality service. Whilst expecting constant, reliable, and stable electricity, consumers also desire to be able to power just about any...
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