IRP22: Control and management of storage elements in micro-grids

Energy storage elements, such as batteries and super caps, are becoming more and more popular. These elements play a key role both at low-level and energy management level micro-grid management algorithms. At the low-level they can be used to improve the energy distribution quality and reduce the effect of short-term phenomena like voltage dips, interruptions or overvoltages, similarly energy storage elements can be used to handle short high peak power demand phenomena. At the energy management level the energy storage elements can play a key role to handle reductions in the green energy generations due to weather conditions. In order take profit from these benefits it is necessary to appropriately size the energy storage elements, choose the appropriate ones (o combine several of them) and develop control algorithms and energy management systems which take into account the characteristics of these elements and its interaction with the rest of elements.

In this project, low-level control algorithms for battery and ultra capacitors connected to a micro-grid will be developed. These algorithms will automatically handle the power converter, which connects energy storage devices to the distribution grid and try to overcome most relevant limitations of the energy source. Additionally the integration of these devices in the energy management algorithms will be analysed.

  • Modelling, simulation and controller design for energy storage elements (batteries, supercaps).
  • Low-level control system implementation (DSP/FPGA based systems).
  • Integration of for energy storage elements with energy sources such as fuel cells and grid (modelling, simulation and controller design).
  • Energy management algorithm development.
Expected Results
  • Low-level control algorithms.
  • Energy management algorithms.
Early Stage Researcher:

Unnikrishnan Raveendran Nair - -


Ramon Costa Castelló

Host institution: