Shantanu Tarun Chakraborty

Shantanu Chakraborty

Early Stage Researcher

Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Delft University of Technology - - RG

TU Delft


Shantanu Chakraborty received his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Mumbai (2011) and Carnegie Mellon University (2013), respectively. For his Master’s thesis, he worked on the problem of “Hierarchical Control of Energy Management Systems” using micro-computers that were integrated with HVAC systems and modelled as agents. After graduating from CMU, he served as a research assistant at the University of Vermont, applying statistical inference and pattern recognition techniques to cascading failures in power system networks. Shantanu later worked as a Data Scientist at Tendril Networks, USA, on demand forecasting and control for residential customers. He also built domain knowledge and expertise in Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell Systems, through his industrial experience at Bloom Energy, where he worked as an Advanced Process Control and Data Analytics Engineer.
In October 2016, Shantanu joined the Delft University of Technology, at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. His research will focus on the modelling and simulation of agents in the context of Power System Economics, Demand Management Systems, and Optimal Operation and Control of the Power System under demand uncertainties for electric grids, having a high penetration of renewable energy systems. His research interests include power system analysis, stability, and control, power system economics, optimization applied to electric energy networks, and machine learning and distributed computing.

My project:

Hybrid agent-based optimisation model for self-scheduling generators in a market environment

Advisor: Zofia Lukszo


Complex Systems Engineering: designing in sociotechnical systems for the energy transition, J.A. Moncada. E.H. Park Lee, G.D.C. Nava Guerrero, O. Okur, S.T. Chakraborty, Z. Lukszo, EAI Endorsed Transactions on Energy Web, Vol 3, Issue 11, e1

Distributed Optimal Power Flow for DC Distribution Grids, S. Karambelkar, L. Mackay, S. Chakraborty, L. Ramirez-Elizondo, P. Bauer, 2018 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM) - IEEEXplore

Blog entries:

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