Jesus Lago Garcia

Jesus Lago Garcia

Early Stage Researcher

Energy Technology Department
Flemish Institute for Technological Research - - RG -


Jesus was born in Spain, in 1989. He received his diploma degree in Industrial Engineering with a major in Automatic Control in 2013, from the University of Vigo. In 2016, he graduated from a Master of Science in Microsystems Engineering with a major in Optimal Control and Numerical Optimization, at the University of Freiburg. In parallel with his studies, he worked in the Highwind ERC project developing a Model Predictive Controller for a real Airborne Wind Energy System. Currently he is pursuing his PhD at VITO in collaboration with TU Delft, as a member of the INCITE network. His research interests are the control of energy markets, optimal control, machine learning and optimization algorithms.

My project:

Development of non-intrusive and intrusive energy-management algorithms

Advisor: Fjo De Ridder


Forecasting day-ahead electricity prices in Europe: The importance of considering market integration, J. Lago, F. De Ridder, P. Vrancx, B. De Schutter, Applied Energy 211 (2018) 890-903

Forecasting spot electricity prices: Deep learning approaches and empirical comparison of traditional algorithms, J. Lago, F. De Ridder, B. De Schutter, Applied Energy 221 (2018) 386-405

Thermal load forecasting in district heating networks using deep learning and advanced feature selection methods, G. Suyanarayana, J. Lago, D. Geysen, P. Aleksiejuk, C. Johansson, Energy 157 (2018) 141-149

Blog entries:

Introduction to electricity markets, its balancing mechanism and the role of renewable sources

Forecasting in the electrical grid