The wind is blowing towards a digital future

The global commitment to cope with climate change by accelerating and intensifying the actions and investments needed to meet binding targets for a sustainable low carbon future agreed under the Paris Agreement in 2015, has fostered the increase in the penetration levels of renewable energies into the electrical grid. In particular, wind energy has experienced…
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An evolution towards smart grids: the role of storage systems

The impact of increased renewable generation on the existing grid infrastructure can be best summed up by the title of an article in the LA times “Power struggle: Green energy versus a grid that’s not ready.”  The operation principles of the current electric networks were established before the 1960s and it has not has changed…
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Introducing Microgrids & Local Energy Communities

Decarbonization of power system and the electrification of everything The electricity production has traditionally been governed namely by a combination of large centralized power plants, in addition to smaller distributed Combined Heat and Power plants (CHP), both of which were primarily fed by fossil fuels. Environmental concerns, commercial and economic factors, together with national/European initiatives,…
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