Call for papers – INCITE 2019 Conference

INCITE 2019 Conference   We want to invite you to participate and submit your research into the 1st INCITE Conference for “INternational workshop on Control and Management and Integration of Future Power SysTEms”.   The conference will take place at IREC Headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, 13-15 November 2019.   The main objective of the conference…
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Protection of MTDC grids

For the transmission of bulk power and the reinforcement of the grid for the insertion of renewable sources, the recourse to HVDC is mandatory. Beyond a certain distance, high voltage AC transmission becomes less advantageous than DC. As depicted, the transmission of power through a conductor is limited for a given distance in AC (versus…
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Resiliency of Distributed Control Schemes

As discussed in a previous post [1], distributed control schemes are perceived to be more suitable for future power networks than the centralized counterpart. However, designing such control schemes is more complex than that of the conventional centralized one. Particularly, a distributed control scheme requires communication and cooperation of the controllers, which inherently introduce additional…
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