IRP31: Control strategies for hybrid AC-DC grids

An increased interconnection between different countries and different synchronous areas is expected in order to allow sharing renewable power generation with other systems (for example, wind power from the North Sea, hydro power from Norway, PV power from southern countries, among others), to fulfill the EU 2050 Target which foresee a very high participation of renewable energies (close to 100%) of the electricity share.
This large participation share requires an expansion of the existing power system for increasing power sharing capacities as well as ensuring secure and stable operation of the whole system. For achieving such interconnection capacity, a HVDC grid can be implemented as an overlay system interconnecting different transmission networks. This new grid is expected to be implemented with Multi-Terminal HVDC (MT-HVDC) networks based on voltage source converter (VSC) technologies. Thus, hybrid AC-DC grids must be operated in an efficient way.

Moreover, the continuous increase of renewable generation, HVDC systems and the disconnection of conventional synchronous generation is leading to the reduction of the global inertia and the changes in the dynamics of conventional power systems. For that reason, transmission system operators (TSOs) are developing new grid codes with specific requirements for HVDC systems and any type of generation source aimed at ensuring a proper network operation.

The objective of the Individual Research Project is to propose and develop control strategies for hybrid AC-DC grids ensuring a stable and secure operation of the power systems with high penetration of renewable sources. The project will cover not only development of solutions for the new ancillary services but also the analysis of new phenomena that could appear in such hybrid systems.

  • Modelling AC and DC grids for control design purposes.
  • Detecting interactions among AC and DC systems.
  • Designing controllers for DC grids to support AC power systems.
  • Defining coordinated controls between AC and DC systems.
Expected Results
  • Control oriented models for AC-DC grids.
  • Methodologies for the evaluation of the stability of hybrid AC-DC networks.
  • Control algorithms for hybrid AC-DC networks.
Early Stage Researcher:

Adedotun Agbemuko - -


José Luis Domínguez-García

Host institution: