Portfolio Category: WP3

IRP33: Distributed control strategies for wind farms for grid support

[row_fluid] [two_third] The average wind power penetration level in EU is above 14%, with temporary values exceeding 50% in some countries. In this scenario, the integration of wind farms into the power systems requires new control strategies with new specifications and objectives. Now, the objective is not the maximization of the energy harvesting, but the…
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IRP32: A new modelling approach for stabilisation of smart grids

[row_fluid] [two_third] Important properties of smart grids are their ability to survive perturbations and to repair themselves to adapt to new situations. The first ability is associated to the vulnerability of the system whereas the second property is related to its flexibility. Smart grids are multilayered and hierarchical systems and the dynamic interactions between the…
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IRP31: Control strategies for hybrid AC-DC grids

[row_fluid] [two_third] An increased interconnection between different countries and different synchronous areas is expected in order to allow sharing renewable power generation with other systems (for example, wind power from the North Sea, hydro power from Norway, PV power from southern countries, among others), to fulfill the EU 2050 Target which foresee a very high…
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