Université Grenoble Alpes

Université Grenoble Alpes is a major contributor at a worldwide level in several strong key fields, with over 10% of French scientific publications, among which are: engineering, particle physics, condensed matter physics, crystallography, electrochemistry, geosciences, ecology and computer science. UGA combines its strengths in research with a unique ecosystem of socio-economic transfer and partnership. Over 7% of the population of Grenoble is working in R&D (compared to a French average of 2.8%) and about half of all employment is in related sectors, such as micro- & nanotechnologies (20000 jobs), ICT (20000 jobs) and energy (12000 jobs), much of it in major multinational companies. A distinguishing feature of UGA is its long-standing strategy for developing shared research and technology platforms of highest standard open to education, cultural and technology transfer. Combined with the on-site European and international facilities, they contribute to talents attraction and build strategic international collaborations.
  • Nicolas Retiere
  • Bertrand Raison
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Grenoble, France