The network supports the recruitment of fourteen Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) during 36 months. Each ESR will be working on an Individual Research Project (IRP) in the host institution and will have secondments related to their research in other academic and industrial partners of the network. All ESRs will be enrolled in a PhD programme and the development of the IRPs will be part of their thesis. Tuition fees will be covered by the fellowship.

The network will also support training activities and periodical events, which will allow the ERSs to develop their career in a multi-sectorial environment and to obtain a wide knowledge on the control of electrical networks.

In Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, ESRs are paid a competitive salary (adjusted for the host country), including a Mobility Allowance and a Family Allowance (subject to family situation).

To be eligible as an ESR:

  • The candidate must not have resided or carried out his/her main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the host country for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to his/her recruitment under the project (short stays such as holidays are not counted).
  • The candidate must be within 4 years of the diploma granting you access to doctorate studies at the time of recruitment and has not yet been awarded the doctorate degree.
  • The candidate may be of any nationality.
  • The candidate must work exclusively for the project during the employment contract.
  • The candidate must fulfil the conditions to be admitted in the PhD programme indicated in the Job Vacancy.

These conditions must be fulfilled at the starting date of the contract. The starting date for each position is tentative.

More information about eligibility criteria and Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Networks can be found in:

Job vacancies

All applications must be submitted using the on-line submission system and the INCITE templates available in the INCITE application form -

To submit your application, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: In the column “Project title” of the table below, download the PDF file corresponding to the Job Vacancy(ies) you are interested in and read carefully all the conditions.

- Step 2: Click on Apply in the column “status” of the table below.

Step 3: Download the INCITE templates available in the INCITE application form - Application form, CV and Motivation letter one for each position you are applying for (you can apply up to 4 positions indicated your order of preference).

Step 5: Fill in and scan the required information.

Step 6: Upload the information in the application form.

If you need further information, please contact

PositionProject titleHost InstitutionLocationDeadline for ApplicationStatus
ESR1.1 Partitioning and optimisation-based non-centralised control of dynamical energy grids [PDF] UPC Barcelona, Spain Closed
ESR1.2 Decentralised control for RES by fast market-based MAS [PDF] TUDelft Delft, Netherlands Closed
ESR1.3 Hybrid agent-based optimisation model for self-scheduling generators in a market environment [PDF] TUDelft Delft, Netherlands Closed
ESR1.4 Development of non-intrusive and intrusive energy-management algorithms [PDF] VITO Genk, Belgium Closed
ESR2.1 Energy flexible and smart grid/energy ready buildings [PDF] IREC Barcelona, Spain Closed
ESR2.2 Control and management of storage elements in micro-grids [PDF] UPC Barcelona, Spain Closed
ESR2.3 Robust management and control of smart multi-carrier energy systems [PDF] TUDelft Delft, Netherlands Closed
ESR3.1 Control strategies for hybrid AC-DC grids [PDF] IREC Barcelona, Spain Closed
ESR3.2 A new modelling approach for stabilisation of smart grids [PDF] UGA Grenoble, France Closed
ESR3.3 Distributed control strategies for wind farms for grid support [PDF] IREC Barcelona, Spain Closed
ESR4.1 Integrated simulation for MAS design and testing [PDF] UniBo Bologna, Italy Closed
ESR4.2 Fault detection and isolation for renewable sources [PDF] UGA Grenoble, France Closed
ESR4.3 Advanced monitoring and control of electrical distribution grid [PDF] GE-GR Munich, Germany Closed
ESR4.4 Advanced functionalities for the future smart secondary substation [PDF] Efacec Porto, Portugal Closed