Portfolio Category: WP1

IRP12: Decentralised control for RES by fast market-based MAS

[row_fluid] [two_third] Renewable energy sources are usually heterogeneous and owned by various parties. These RES need to be controlled taking this diversity and decentralization into account, while, in addition, acting fast on changes in the energy system. This project focuses on the development of fast, market-based control approaches in multi-agent systems, where the aim is…
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IRP13: Hybrid agent-based optimisation model for self-scheduling generators in a market environment

[row_fluid] [two_third] This project aims to create and advance knowledge on the operation of the future power sector if smart grids with renewable generation units are adopted, with a multitude of active players interacting with each other in social networks, and with the electricity network, through a variety of ICT tools. The emerge of prosumers…
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IRP11: Partitioning and optimisation-based non-centralised control of dynamical energy grids

[row_fluid] [two_third] Power systems are considered as one of the largest and most complex systems made by mankind. With the current trend toward the increase of the participation of renewable energy sources and distributed generation, the energy grids are becoming even more complex. The concept of smart grid aims to electrical networks in which generation,…
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