Konstantinos Kotsalos

Konstantinos Kotsalos

Early Stage Researcher

Strategic Projects department
Efacec Energia

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Konstantinos was born in Athens, Greece in 1991. He received his diploma degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in February 2015 from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). His thesis covered an extended research in Decentralised Voltage Regulation for Radial MV Networks with high presence of Distributed Generation. In 2015 he accomplished his military service. From January to June 2016, he was involved in two SCADA projects of the Greek DSO (HEDNO) as representative engineer of Efacec (in collaboration with ENERTA S.A.). Konstantinos was responsible for the database configuration of SCADA and DMS servers, providing technical support on DMS applications and participating in commissioning of several HV/MV substations. Currently he is conducting his PhD research on Efacec in collaboration with Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FEUP), as member of INCITE network. Among his main research interests are Integration of Distributed Energy Resources, Power System Analysis, Voltage Regulation and Muti-agent Based Systems. Konstantinos with his competence on the above fields will contribute on the implementation of Advanced Functionalities for the Smart Secondary Substation.

My project:

Advanced functionalities for the future smart secondary substation

Advisor: Nuno Silva


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A Horizon Optimization Control Framework for the Coordinated Operation of Multiple Distributed Energy Resources in Low Voltage Distribution Networks, K. Kotsalos, I. Miranda, N. Silva, H. Leite, Energies 2019, 12(6), 1182

A centralized control for the operation of low voltage distribution networks with multiple Distributed Energy Resources, K. Kotsalos, I. Miranda, N. Silva, H. Leite, Proceedings of CIRED 2019 Conference

Coordinated Management of Distributed Energy Resources in Smart Microgrids, K. Kotsalos, J.L. Dominguez-Garcia, N. Hatziargyriou, I. Miranda, H. Leite, N. Silva, Proceedings of IECON 2019-45th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (Vol. 1, pp. 4133-4138)

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