What is INCITE about?

The advances in communication and information networks and the wide availability of powerful and cheap computers have transformed many aspects of our lives. The electrical grids are not an exception. New smart meters, distributed generation, renewable energy sources and the concern about the environment are redefining electrical networks.

Now, both consumers and generatorsare active agents,capable of coordinatingthe power exchange in the electrical grids depending on the energy cost, energy availability and even the behavior of electrical variables. This new reality is a great opportunity to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 footprints by using clean energy sources. But it is also a big challenge. The electrical network is one of the most complex systems ever made and this new reality makes it even more complex. A great number of interaction actors without a good coordination might lead to highly undesirable results like generators disconnection, houses without electricity or even network outages.

In order to take full advantage of these new electrical networks, it is necessary a coordinated and harmonic interaction of the all actors in the network. This is the role of the control algorithms, thought to act at several levels to conduct the extraction and injection of the electrical power and improve efficiency, reliability and resilience of the network. INCITE aims to this target, to propose new control algorithms with an integral view of the future electrical networks, covering aspect like energy management, stability of electrical variables, monitoring and communication implementation, energy storage, among others. The objective is to create an interdisciplinary (control, electrical and management fields), cross-sectorial (academic and industry) and international research environment in which 14 young researchers propose innovative control solution for the future energy networks.


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