Introduction to electricity markets, its balancing mechanism and the role of renewable sources

Introduction Unlike many other commodities or goods, massive storage of electricity is in general not affordable. In particular, when we look at the things that an average human being consumes on a daily basis, e.g. food, clothes, oil, gas, medicines, etc., we observe that most of them have the common feature of being stored somewhere…
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Tracing the transition from Passive to Active Distribution Networks

The ever-increasing integration of decentralized and intermittent renewable generation sources induces new challenges to normal operation of distribution networks, pertaining the reliability and quality of power supply. The newly emerging broad range of distributed energy resources (DER), including local storage systems, electrical vehicles and demand response, pose radical changes in the planning and operation of…
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What is INCITE about?

The advances in communication and information networks and the wide availability of powerful and cheap computers have transformed many aspects of our lives. The electrical grids are not an exception. New smart meters, distributed generation, renewable energy sources and the concern about the environment are redefining electrical networks. Now, both consumers and generatorsare active agents,capable…
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